Welcome to mukta chamak

A smile is one of the first things that people notice about you and at times it is one of the most important things to make the first impression right. It speaks volumes about your personality and how healthy your lifestyle is. In fact, to be specific here, smile signifies confidence, warmth, joy and vitality.

Who are we?

MuktaChamak is India’s best teeth whitening product manufacturer and distributor that offer premium teeth-whitening solutions to all those lovely people in India whose smiles are their personality gems.

Our journey so far?

We are continuously working on teeth whitening treatments and oral hygiene dental care products since 1987. It has been a long journey for our company and today we are proud to present our online presence with this website.

We are online now

With this now you can get your teeth whitening products at your doorstep anywhere in India just in few days. Our network has grown numbers in these years and thus with this online shopping mode our customers can get delivery of their favourite products that will help you rediscover your smile.

What do we do?

We are not here to make unrealistic claims or guarantee to be the best, but yes we are one of the leading and oldest brands in India. No, one is actually immune to yellow stains on teeth and everyone wants a whiter smile, thus our teeth whitening products will certainly help to remove those extra stains from your teeth.

Our teeth whitening solutions are developed by the professionals who have done a lot of research in our old systems of teeth whitening in India. The methods and techniques are traditional and ensure that our tooth powder combines the benefits of excellent oral hygiene with the perfect therapy to help you expose the true whiteness of your teeth.

We promise to keep your teeth healthy with beautifully whitened smile as a symbol of health and youthfulness. MuktaChamak takes you back to the origins of proper oral hygiene. Our products are genuine and do not harm your health as we don’t mix any harmful chemicals in our products