why mukta chamak

Our challenge is to get the professional results at an affordable price and not getting into any false gimmicks. Thus, MuktaChamak brings you a teeth whitening agent which reacts with the moisture directly, whereas all the other toothpaste have almost 40% water. Our product is an inert mix of powders where the moment powder comes in to contact with water the reaction begins hence our products react effectively more as compared with the whitening toothpaste. Our products assist you in maintaining your oral hygiene and gives far better results than any other modern-day toothpaste or dental cream products. There is a lot of competition in the market that boosts best oral care and dental hygiene. For example, many brands of toothpaste are available that leaves a good impression in cleaning teeth as compared with the tooth powder, but in reality, they not always work great. On the other hand, there are teeth whiteners in paste form as well that have come in the market and have faded out in some time, because technically it is not possible for a teeth whitening agent to react on your gums and teeth the way you need it to be.

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