Oral Health Beyond White Teeth

We have all been taught to brush twice a day and we more or less follow it. If not twice, all of us brush at least once a day. But, have you ever thought of oral hygiene beyond sparkly white teeth or bad breath. If the answer is no, you probably do not know that oral health is much more than just white teeth.

Good dental hygiene prevents your teeth and gums from numerous oral illnesses and a 2-5 minute morning routine will go a great way in avoiding dental problems.

Here are some issues beyond tooth colour that may affect the teeth:

Gum Diseases – bleeding or receding gums may not seem painful in the beginning but if you let them be, it will only aggravate and may also lead to tooth loss.

Tooth Decay – There isn’t much surprise here. Bad dental hygiene leads to tooth decay. It is neither comfortable nor a pleasant sight to see.

Infections – Oral infections may follow poor dental hygiene and some of these infections are very serious.

Oral Cancer – We have all heard about tobacco causing oral cancer but there are other hygiene reasons for oral cancer too.

Here are some things you must remember for good oral health:

Follow all steps of brushing: you must be conscious of the way you brush. Make sure that you follow a full routine that includes brushing the teeth, flossing to remove leftovers and using fluoride-based teeth whitening products. Also, remember that only a teeth whitening product is not enough, your choice of teeth whitening products must offer protection against other oral issues such as weak and bleeding gums.

Avoid dental deteriorators in your diet: maintaining an everyday lifestyle and balancing work, family and social life involve a lot of careless eating and thus ill effects on dental health. Major deteriorators include sugar, tea, coffee, tobacco. You must stay clear of these as much as possible. Sticky food particles and non-veg food also tend to stick to the teeth. You must thus drink water after food to get rid of the sticky food particles.

Do not forget the tongue: It is very important to clean your tongue as a part of your dental routine. Once you clean your teeth with a teeth whitening product, use the brush gently to clean the tongue. You can also use a good tongue cleaner. This will also help to keep bad breath at bay and keep the teeth sparkling.

Choose your product wisely: With a multitude of teeth whitening products available in the market and tall marketing claims to back them, it is often difficult to choose the right one. Your teeth whitening kit must not only be effective to make the teeth white but also be a natural formulation that targets all oral issues.

The Mukta Chamak teeth whitening powder is not only a tooth whitener but also a traditionally manufactured natural formulation that contains all ingredients in their natural form. It targets germs as well as sticky food particles and works towards overall oral health.